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One Thousand and One Nights or Arabian Nights is a masterpiece in folk literature. There have been many authors with successful books that are inspired by these classic eastern folk tales. Renee Ahdieh’s The Wrath and the Dawn is one of those young adult novels bringing us the revenge story of Shahrzad. Before you download The Wrath and the Dawn Pdf, read a brief review of the book ahead.

The Wrath and the Dawn Review:

There is a lot of stuff that we enjoy and love about The Wrath and the Dawn. Renee Ahdieh has proven herself a brilliant young adult author by bringing new twists and turns into the story. Well, while you are about to discover those yourself, we shall only give a brief overview of the story. As mentioned before, The Wrath and the Dawn brings us the tale of Shahrzad, a young girl with a revenge plan.

Shahrzad is a teenage girl who hates the caliph for his practices of marrying young girls now and then. However, her plan does have a bit of irony since to plot revenge, she decides to marry the caliph. This has to be the biggest risk of her life since the caliph takes a bride each night and executes them in the morning. Will Shahrzad be able to survive this night of horror and execute her plan successfully?

Well, read the rest of The Wrath and the Dawn story to find out the strange turn of events. A revenge plot turned into a tale of love and sacrifice has never been executed this well before. To read the full story, we are bringing the free The Wrath and the Dawn Pdf e-book on our site.

The Wrath and the Dawn Pdf

About the Author Renee Ahdieh:

Renee Ahdieh is a Koran-American author of young adult novels. Ahdieh is most known for writing The Wrath and the Dawn and its sequel The Rose & the Dagger. Her novels are mostly inspired by One Thousand and One Nights. This series of young adult novels enlisted her as one of the bestselling young adult authors.

The Wrath and the Dawn Pdf Features:

  • We are bringing the original edition of The Wrath and the Dawn Pdf with 404 pages.
  • Your chance of reading the inspiring story of love and revenge set in Arabia.

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