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As we know that economics is the study of resources and human wants. But this is only the definition of economics further more economics contains a large amount of complex contents and issues such as employment, wage rates, aggregate demand, aggregate supply, production, labor unit vs wage unit, saving, investments, investment of private and public sector, productivity theories, etc. the economics in the books and economics in practical life are a bit different from each other. The practical field is more complex than the theories written in the books. Sometimes you have to face a problem which is totally different from that mentioned in the theories. This book is written in a way which makes a bridge between modern world and the theories presented years ago. In simple words the contents and topics presented in this book are modified for the modern uses of economics.

The Failure Of The New Economics Pdf

About The Author Henry Hazlitt:

Henry Hazlitt is the author of the book. This book was published in January 1959 in New York.

Features of The Failure Of The New Economics Pdf:

The following are the main features of The Failure Of The New Economics.

  • The book consists of 29 contents.
  • The format of the book is black and white.
  • There are no visual aids, charts or graphs in the book.
  • The book consist of 427 pages.
  • There is no other edition of this book.

The Failure Of The New Economics Pdf Summary:

For the high level students the complex topics of economics are really headache this book explains the difficult topics in such a brief and simple way. This book is according to the needs of the present economists to make decision whether it is on small scale ( micro level ) or large scale ( macro level ).

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