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Many young adult fiction novels start very well; however, it becomes difficult for an author to maintain the narrative value of every intricate detail. However, Tomi Adeyemi is one of those talents that brought us a masterpiece like Children of Blood and Bone, even though it was her debut novel. If you want to get into some reading some quality young adult novel, download Children of Blood and Bone Pdf from our website.

Children of Blood and Bone Review:

The inspiration for writing Children of Blood and Bone came from Tomi Adeyemi’s favorite fantasy books, including the Harry Potter series and Ember in the Ashes. However, writing the book has not been a painless procedure, where the writer has to do 45 drafts over 18 months. It is the mix of the Yoruba culture, and West African mythology merged into a quality young adult fiction series.

These stories have not been the only motivation behind Adeyemi writing this novel. The police shooting of Black people and the hopelessness which that event brought was also one of the reasons that compelled her to write this story. Children of Blood and Bone is addressing the issue of racism by getting into a narrative sequence that opens your eyes towards this problem for good.

Not just that, Children of Blood and Bone is a coming-of-age story. It focuses on the characters reshaping their lives with meaningful actions, implying that this is how this world is meant to be. The critics praised the book for this particular aspect, saying that the novel does a pretty good examination of racism, oppression, and slavery.

Children of Blood and Bone Pdf

About the Author Tomi Adeyemi:

Tomi Adeyemi is a Nigerian-American novelist who became the New York Times Bestselling author for Children of Blood and Bone. The book received mostly positive reviews and was praised for how it tackled issues such as racism, slavery, and oppression.

Children of Blood and Bone Pdf Features:

  • Children of Blood and Bone brings an insight into slavery and oppression
  • The Harry Potter series heavily inspire the book with a touch of African mythology

Download Children of Blood and Bone Pdf Free:

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